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ent to● hold her but a little while.I want to hold her▓ for a long time and re

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alize her individu▓ality, but the nurse disapproves, so▓ I continue to find he

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r fascinating. ● Oct.30th.I am having a delightful time.Aunt▓ is very good and


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kind.She is the widow of M●amma’s brother, James L.Petigru, ●who was a distinguished lawyer and?/p>



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?codified the Laws of this State▓.He died in the midst of the War, hear●tbroken, they sai

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d, at the suffering and di▓stress for his own people that he saw ahead.Poo▓r Mamma, it was awfully

hard on her, for she ▓simply adored Uncle, and Pap▓a was as strongly in favour of secession as Un●cle was opposed to it.So th▓ose she loved best were absolute▓ly opposed to each other.Her opinions ▓went with Papa, but she felt intens▓e sympathy for Uncle, and felt it ●kill



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ed him.The Yankee Officers have been▓ ordered by the Government{299} to tr●eat Aunt with the greatest consideration▓.She has but to signify a wish for it to be g▓ratified at once.She was a great beauty and▓ has never forgotten

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it through year●s of terrible ill health.Uncle spoiled ●and humoured her always, and now ●it seems the most natural thing in the world▓

to have everything she wants, have officers a●t her

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beck and call and live ●in luxury, when every one else is almo▓st in want.But she is most genero?/p>

坲s with her comforts and luxuries, having Na▓nnie, her maid and nurse, see▓k out her friends who are ill or in need and▓ sending them baskets from her stores.▓She does not hesitate to say that she di▓d not in any way sympathize with Uncle’s opi●nion as to the War.She is always in● bed, and with a much befrille

d cap whic●h only reveals a few curls of light yellow h●air, receives the officers sen

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